Welcome to Primacare Pharmacy

At Primacare Pharmacy, we believe in delivering high quality patient-centered services based on local needs.

Our fully qualified pharmacists are on hand to offer leading advice, and with prescription collection service and delivery at your disposal, we do our utmost best to deliver the highest quality on a quantity of services.

We offer a bespoke package of services at our store, some examples of the services we offer are; Blood Pressure Measuring Service,Healthy Living Advice,Inhaler Service,Rare Medication Sourcing,Stop Smoking Service,Hepatitis Vaccination Service and Weight Management Service.

As well as making sure you get your prescriptions easily and quickly, our expert pharmacists are on hand to give you advice and support with your health needs.

Whether you are under the weather or on long-term medicines, getting your prescriptions refilled and accessing your pharmacist can add unnecessary extra stress and we are working to change that.

With our online services, you can get easy access to your prescriptions and a pharmacist. We know that our customers have busy lives, and not everyone can fit a trip to the pharmacy into their day. Our delivery services saves you having to make time- simply request your prescription online through the website and we will get it assessed and delivered to your doorstep.